5 best games to play on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in April 2022

When it comes to top-of-the-shelf gaming platforms, PlayStation is one of the most in-demand options currently.

With the release of the first installment of the PlayStation model back in 1994 in Japan (1995 in America), the world was introduced to a new way of gaming, as PC gaming wasn’t such a prominent endeavor back then. From there on, up until today, four more iterations of the gaming console have been released.

As time passed, the market became extremely competitive, as many other gaming consoles were introduced into the market. However, none could match the same magnitude as PlayStation up until now.

There are a plethora of games that can be played on these PlayStation consoles, and most new generation titles can be run with both the PS4 and PS5.

What are the best games to play on PlayStation 4 and 5 now?

1) Elden Ring

Developer(s): FromSoftware Inc.

Publisher(s): FromSoftware Inc., BANDAI NAMCO, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.

Elden Ring has taken 2022 by storm (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

Written and designed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, with the help of George R. R. Martin’s flawless writing skills, Elden Ring stands before the gaming industry as FromSoftware’s crown jewel.

2) God of War

Developer(s): Santa Monica Studio, Ready at Dawn, Jetpack Interactive, Daybreak Game Company, Javaground

Publisher(s): Capcom, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Sony Pictures, PlayStation PC LLC

God of War is one of the most famous PS titles (Image via Sony)

Players embarked on a journey of salvation as Kratos sets out to exact revenge upon the Greek god Zeus himself. Since then, a total of four games have been released, with the fifth one, God of War: Ragnarok, well on the line and set to be released later this year.

3) Demon Souls

Developer(s): FromSoftware Inc., Bluepoint Games, Japan Studio

Publisher(s): Sony Interactive Entertainment

One of the boss fights in Demon Souls (Image via Bluepoint Games)

Keeping to this request, the title was remastered in 2018 by Bluepoint Games and Japan Studio to deliver a renewed and graphically enhanced version. Even such an old game holds enough prowess to bring back enough memories for gamers who invested enough time when it first came out back in 2011.

4) Ghost of Tsushima

Developer(s): Sucker Punch Productions

Publisher(s): Sony Interactive Entertainment

Ghost of Tsushima was another Sony/PS masterpiece (Image via Sucker Punch Productions)

The environment, immersiveness, and music set it apart from many other titles of its kind. This created a milestone for other developers to master the same art and make more such beautiful masterpieces.

5) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Developer(s): Naughty Dog

Publisher(s): Sony Interactive Entertainment

Uncharted 4:A Thief's End is one of the most played games on the PlayStation (Image via Naughty Dog)

And even to this day, it remains one of the most played games on the PlayStation.

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