The Quarry cast and characters

What to know who The Quarry cast and characters are? In much the same spirit as Until Dawn and Supermassive Games’ The Dark Chronicles series, The Quarry follows the fate of several teenage camp counsellors as they remain stranded in Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp long after the kids have gone home. But, as they prepare … Read more

When are the Lost Ark daily and weekly reset times?

Wondering about the Lost ark reset times? Resets – whether daily or weekly – are a staple of MMO life. Some games reset their whole servers every day, although you’ll find the most common occurrence are things like quests or instances resetting instead. Lost Ark is proving a hit new MMO game with western players, … Read more

Dying Light 2: Save Game PC Location Guide

Dying Light 2 is a big game. Maybe not exactly 500 hours big, but there are a lot of side quests that disappear after a certain point, and some decisions aren’t easy. That’s not to mention multiple endings. With all of that in mind, you may be wondering how to find your save files to … Read more